Free Your Mind

Thinking outside of the brick helps you discover the world and frees your mind!

Learning through physical materials such as LEGO® can help change the way your child tackles problems and finds solutions. It helps them grasp the fundamentals of science, Maths and Engineering in a fun and dynamic way. Our programs are designed to not only meet curriculum requirements but also intrigues and interest a childs’ natural inquisitive mind and lets them get creative!

Our STEP education programs are not just limited to the use of LEGO® blocks. We also incorporate K’nex® materials in our methodology to provide a multi-sensory learning experience for child in Kindergarten. Our agile workshops provide the fundamentals of learning for Science, Maths and Engineering for children that harnesses their natural inquisitiveness and creativity.

The video explains how LEGO® and learning interconnects. If you’re interested in learning more about The Young Engineers programs please Contact Us


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