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Testimonials & Photo Gallery – Young Engineers

Recent positive feedback from one of our families:

Dear Nav and staff,

I just wanted to say thank you for running such an excellent program.  Both my daughters (LPS) love coming to class and learning something new each Term.

JH – Vermont VIC 

Recent Demo at Livingstone Primary School- Vermont

Livinsgtone Primary demo1   Livinsgtone Primary demo2

This what Holy Trinity Primary School, Wantirna South had to say about us in their newsletter.

HTWS Newletter

This is what the global Young engineers head office had to say about Outer Eastern Young Engineers: 

Navdeep from Melbourne has secured a public school venue where the teachers were trained and will incorporate the Lego Challenge program into the school’s curriculum. They ran a trial session with some students and teachers during the week of training. I think it is also good to note that Navdeep and his team’s goal is to give back to the community and want YE programs to be available to all students, no matter their socioeconomic status.

So far we’ve gone on and on and on about how wonderful our programs are…now we invite you to see what parents and center managers have to say about our programs.


Our son just completed Lego Challenge offered through Waterford MI Parks and Rec. He LOVED IT! as did all of the other children and parents, plus the kids that came on “bring a Friend Day”…. Please consider starting new sessions asap—we would be glad to participate again. My son reads below his level and has dyslexia—he dreams of being an engineer and your class made him feel confident and that his dream is achievable!”


-Kathleen and Ron Anderson – USA


“Hi! My child loves the program and is continuing! He has done ice skating, basketball, and a short chess class and this is by far the best yet. It is inspiring him to build more involved creations with his thousands of Legos at home. Keep up the awesome work and we will be signing up for session 3 when it starts!”

-Julie Torrie – USA


“Both of my children (Trudy and Evrett) loved the class!”

-Merrily Gechter – USA


“I love these classes”

-Center Manager – USA


“Jackson absolutely loves this class. Thank you so much for doing this in our area!”

-Jennifer Stafford – USA


“…Sammy loves it and would continue with it if offered…”

-Mark Feiler – USA


“Darrin loved the class and is looking forward to the next one…”

-Katie Stier – USA